The CN-BC Project has ended.
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A Berlin-China networking project that supported new business partnerships in the green tech, UX and design industries.

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About the Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC)


CN-BC supported new business partnerships between Berlin and China in the green tech, UX and design industries. Through a series of events and meet-ups, both real and virtual, the project offered entry points into the German and Chinese markets with legal, trade and intercultural support for businesses, industry experts and local organisations.

The project ran from 1 July 2020 until 31 July 2022 in partnership between the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) and Sourcebook GmbH. The digital platform remains online, enabling participants to maintain contact beyond the project duration, to encourage sustainable partnerships and strengthen German-Chinese economic relations.

CN-BC was federally funded through the Berlin based funding program for network-building and internationalisation “Förderprogramm für Internationalisierung – Netzwerk Richtlinie”, co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

We warmly thank all of our partners, speakers, experts, participating companies and supporters from both Berlin & China!

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Partners | 合作伙伴

Project Team | 项目小组

Sqetch by Sourcebook GmbH

Sourcebook is a sustainable innovation agency based in Berlin. Our online B2B sourcing and networking platform, Sqetch, connects fashion brands to manufacturers and suppliers, with digital tools to support business along the entire supply chain. In addition to virtual matchmaking, we curate a range of innovation platforms including networking programmes, hackathons, exhibitions, conferences and think tanks, to catalyse the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textiles industry.

International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)

The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) is a leading independent German institution promoting design as a driver of innovation in business and society. The IDZ offers companies access to consulting and expertise in the field of design, promotes knowledge exchange, and realizes projects and events. The not-for-profit institution works in active dialogue with representatives from politics, culture and science at national and international levels.

CN-BC Partner Network | CN-BC 合作伙伴网络


China Luxury Report 2019

China Luxury Report 2019

Research for the 2019 McKinsey China Luxury Report shows that the majority of the young luxury consumers are fresh to market, presenting both a tantalizing opportunity and an implicit imperative for brands to stay current, or risk losing out to more digitally savvy...