Oct 20th, 2021

CN-BC proudly presents:
our stand-alone self-introduction

created and arranged by our trusted partners at Ciencolores [also on LinkedIn].

After Covid19 had struck long distance relations worldwide, we, as so many, moved from our planned delegation tours to digital communication and event planning. We were happy to see that we could still make so many new connections and open doors to collaboration opportunities for the Berlin and Chinese partners.

Some excerpts of our predominantly virtual entry to intercontinental network building made it into our new explanatory video. We are happy to publish this beautiful abstract of our activities so far, hoping to provide clear in-a-nutshell-understanding of what we try to achieve with the CN-BC project.

We warmly invite you to share the video with anyone interested in building up business relationships between Berlin and China within the green-tech, UX and design industries.

We again want to thank the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and the European Union for funding the CN-BC project.

Enjoy watching!

#china #greentech #design #advancedmaterials