August 25th, 2021

Be Part of +86’s Innovative Food Designers Book

About +86 Design Sharing Platform Beijing

+86 Design Sharing Platform is a designer community with a vision of sharing and promoting original and innovative designs from Chinese creatives world-widely. We actively organize a series of exhibitions, events and forums by working with various partners nationally and internationally. Through providing event planning, publishing and design services that engage the global creative communities and facilitate the deep collaboration within designers, institutions, industry enterprises, business organizations as well as governments. The platform has over 1,000 design companies and design studios joined in and linking tens of thousands of professional designers.

About the Book

+86 Future Food Designer 100

We aim to invite 100 international innovative food designers to join this book.

The aim is to give Chinese industry people a wide view on today’s food design trends and what other food designers around the world are exploring at the moment. In order to also help to introduce food talents around the world to the Chinese food industry and market, we will also promote the designers’ information via our Wechat public account.

Click the link below for a first glimpse of potential collaborating designer’s infos and the look and feel of the book:

Book Editors
1. David Chi 
Founder of +86 Design Sharing Platform | +86 Food Design Association
2. Francesca Zampollo, PhDF
Food Design Consultant, Teacher, Researcher, Speaker | Founder of Online School of Food Design© | YouTuber | Founding Editor of International Journal of Food Design | Founder of International Food Design Society

This is needed for your contribution:

Please answer the following questions and send them back to

1. Your names and titles, and name of your studio
2. Number of years in this industry
3. List of achievements (these might include exhibitions, awards, etc).
4. The answers to the following three questions, written in the first person.
About 100-200 words each.
A. “What is your approach to Food Design?”
B. “What are, for you, some of the most exciting aspects of Food Design?”
C .”What is your approach to sustainability?”